We’re putting our skiing to work for winter.

Project Ski More is a crew of high school ski racers from Aspen Valley Ski Club who love snow and want to make sure kids of the future can ski too. Each of these promising young athletes has witnessed winter shrinking in their short lifetimes. Now their goal is to ski as far as they can in a single season, raising funds for Protect Our Winters.
It's a race to ensure that winter — and the snow they all depend upon, for their sport and their communities — is here to stay.

Project Ski More was founded by cross-country ski racer Colt Whitley in 2016 to share his love of skiing with others. In his sophomore year, he skied 1,002 kilometers and raised $5,094 for youth skiing scholarships.

That’s where the Project Ski More name has its roots:
The more these kids ski, the more other kids can ski.

 Donations are 100% tax-deductible and go directly to Protect Our Winters.

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The Project Ski More athletes are showing us that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, how old you are, or what you are in to… you can make an impact on the health of our planet and become active in fighting what might be the most important fight of our time. I am incredibly proud to know Colt and it’s an honor to support Project Ski More.

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— Simi Hamilton, Olympic ski racer

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