Chelsea Moore

Chelsea Moore

I’ve done Nordic for as long as I can remember, skiing on the trails right outside my door. My dad was my first coach, and continues to coach me in high school. We share the same strong passion for the outdoors, the mountains and skiing. I train year round with my small team and coaches, and travel around the state, and sometimes country for competitions. I love being outside, meeting new friends from other teams, and especially racing. For me, the races are my favorite part to see what my hard work has amounted to, and to experience new places and meet new people. The Nordic community is and always will be my family. 

Besides skiing, I am a big soccer player, and run cross country. I love traveling, writing, and being outside. Next year, I will be attending Dartmouth College and will be on their Nordic ski team. 

I love skiing and have grown up with lots of snow on the trails. However, this year we have only been able to ski on a 400 meter loop, and it breaks my heart to see the weeds in December, or realize that next year we may not even have  this tiny loop. I want to do everything I can to protect our winter, and to make sure future generations of Nordic skiers have the same love and experience of winter and skiing that I did.

Chelsea's Goal
1400 kms

To Date
1363.11 kms