Colt Whitley

Colt Whitley

I grew up next to a cross-country ski trail system. Before I could walk, my parents put me in a backpack and we skied the hilly course behind our house. My mom says she knew I liked it because I would laugh when we went down the hills. Sixteen years later, these are the trails I train on with Aspen Valley Ski Club.

I love the feeling of flying across the snow. I love being outside, experiencing the stunning snowy place where I live. I love the sense of achievement that comes from doing really tough things. I love working hard (and having fun) with my awesome teammates and coaches. Skiing motivates me to be the best I can and try my hardest.

Skiing as we know it is disappearing: our winters are getting shorter and shorter. I have benefited from growing up in a ski town with big winters and lots of snow, so now I want to do everything I can to protect it and pass it along to future kids.

Colt's Goal
1,200 kms

To Date
978.54 kms