Jacob Barsness

Jacob Barsness

Growing up in Colorado gives me an appreciation for the outdoors that many others do not have. As a young kid, before I can remember, my parents would take me on adventures in the outdoors. If it were hiking, biking, snowmobiling, skiing, I always remembered what fun it was to be submersed in the vastness of nature, to venture where many others have not been.

Even today i feel that familiar euphoria when being outside, It allows me to take a break from a fast paced society that I live in, and to be out in the middle of nowhere with no worries in the world. If i’m training, racing, or just skiing for fun, I am always stoked on the feeling I get being Out there.

I have been skiing competitively for the Aspen Valley ski club for 4 years heading into my 5th. As an eighth grader, I thought basketball was going to be my sport. As a 4’11” 75 pound eighth grader, this didn’t really pan out as I would have hoped. Still, I carried on because I thought if I put the time and effort in, I would eventually become as good as I hoped to be. That being said, my parents convinced me to try Nordic my 8th grade year, no pressure, just a fun experience. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in a sport. So, I continued to play basketball and ski race my freshman year. Even though i made the “C-team” It wasn’t the result I had hoped for. To my surprise, however, I qualified for state and took 26th in classic skiing. This opened my eyes to my potential in the sport, and how I was simply wasting my time with basket-ball. I won the “Joy of sport” award that year and I think it really shows how I love what I do.

Today, I am a U-18 skier on the “National Comp” team for AVSC, with aspirations of qualifying for Junior Nationals. I want to help with Project Ski More because I want others to be able to enjoy my love for the outdoors and winter, and POW is a phenomenal organization to do it!

Jacob's Goal
1,400 kms

 To Date
 1116.61 kms