April Update...A little late

Hi guys!

Our winter season is sadly coming to a close, no thanks to the warm temperatures and snow loss. However, we Nords are finishing strong- in terms of our training, results, efforts and kilometers!


A week ago concluded my fourth Junior Nationals in Soldier Hollow, Utah. This was yet another amazing Nationals experience, but also another Nationals that had severe snow problems. It’s gotten worse and worse every year. This year, we jokingly called it ‘No Snow - SoHo’ and the entire race series almost had to find a new home. There ended up being a ribbon of snow winding through the grass thanks to the huge snowmaking process and a devoted race crew. Nevertheless, Nationals are always super fun, and  this year, despite the bare snow, our AVSC athletes achieved top results. This was a special year for our group of three, as all who raced brought home a medal, or more!  Kate Oldham rocked the U16 females and placed top ten in two individual races. Everett Olson was on the 5th placing U18 relay team with Rocky Mountain teammates. I was ecstatic to reach my goal this year to make the Sprint A finals, taking home a sixth place medal, and also a 2nd place in the u20 relay with two Rocky Mountain teammates that I’ve skied with since we were 12. The Rocky Mountain Team overall skied really fast in SoHo with many All-American top ten finishes,  and we got 2nd in the Alaska Cup rankings. Nationals was a special team bonding experience as usual, despite the deteriorating snow conditions. 


This has not just been a problem in just one area in the US; it has affected competitions in all corners of the country. In 2015, nationals were in Truckee, California. It was so warm, that everyone raced in just bibs, and I was pushed onto the side of the 5 foot wide trail, my klister sticking straight to the mud. Next year in Cable, Wisconsin, the parents (mine included) desperately helped shovel snow to save the sloppy course, and our classic races were cancelled. In 2017, you might think Lake Placid would be a winter wonderland. But think again! The race had to change venues, to a repetitive multi-lap course, through water puddles. All organizers, like in SoHo, worked tirelessly to pull these races off, but the conditions were a bit of a let down.  It did not feel like the winter skiing train for, but a survival slog through five inches of slush.  


As you can see, climate change is definitely affecting our Nordic courses and our sport.  I am really frightened for future years of Nationals, and racing in general. Nationals is a true memorable experience for Junior nordic skiers and I hope the snow conditions do not take away from that in years to come, as it becomes more difficult to find areas that have the snow conditions and staffing to host races in March.


Thanks again to all of our sponsors and donors for helping us protect our winters. 


January Update

A Nordic Update from Kate Oldham:

Hello everyone,

We hope you’ve been enjoying what is available for winter fun around here! Here is a quick update on the most recent news from team Project Ski More and how our winters are going. As of today we’ve collectively skied 2264.8 kilometers and raised $877.63 thanks to you all and the incredible support you offer.

We have also had some great results in the past few weeks at two Junior National Qualifier races. In Crested Butte, both Chelsea Moore and I won our qualifying races in the classic sprint and in heats, with me landing 2nd in the A final. In Steamboat Springs, we both qualified 2nd and Chelsea hung on all the way to getting 2nd in the A final.

Things are looking bright for the weeks ahead with only one more Junior Qualifying race and the naming of the Junior National Ski Team. We hope to see some of our athletes up there!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors and donors for all the support you have given and continue to offer. We couldn’t do this without you!

Hello All,

Thank you all so much for your extremely generous support. Here is a little update on how Project Ski More is going. (If you don't wish to receive these then please just send me an email saying so and you will be removed from our list.)

As of today I have almost skied 845 kilometers and we have raised $4324. I'm on track right now to ski my goal for the season 1,200 kilometers. Thank you all so much for your amazing support.

The season is going well for everyone on the AVSC Nordic Team. Right now it looks like we might be able to send five of our athletes to compete at Junior Nationals and we have a really strong team qualified for States after this past race. AVSC has had athletes on the podium at almost every race that we have attended. I personally was super happy after my second and fourth place finish in the Steamboat Junior Nationals Qualifier.

I again want to thank all of our awesome sponsors and donors and want to remind you it's not too late to donate if you haven't already.

In case you want to check it out we were recently featured in the Aspen Times and Aspen Real Life.



Founder, Project Ski More


Colt_Cookie Medal_2015.jpeg

You might think the best thing about this day in 8th grade was my bronze medal cookie. Nope. It was when Nick Sweeney, my AVSC teammate and then a high school junior, ran alongside the course cheering me on. I didn't even think he knew my name. Nick is now crushing it as a U20 racer for Steamboat.