Trey Thorpe

Trey Thorpe

I was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado just like both my parents and theirs before them. I have been skiing every winter since I was two years old and I’ve been an alpine ski racer since I was ten. I am a member of both the Aspen Valley Ski Club U19/FIS Alpine Team and the Aspen High School Alpine Ski Team. I am also a junior at Aspen High School and other athletics/hobbies of mine include freeskiing, football, baseball, backpacking, hiking, camping, and dirt biking.

Skiing means so much to me and without it I would be a completely different person. I have met so many friends and mentors in this sport and made memories that I will never forget. One of my favorite feelings will always be at Tiehack, on the first run of the morning, when the snow is freshly groomed and frozen solid. When the air sparkles in the rising sun. There is almost nobody on the hill and with a sharp pair of Super-G skis, I can go as fast as I want, making huge swooping turns and flying over the rollers

I am a member of Project Ski More because I want to do my part to protect memories and feelings like this for all young skiers.

To Date
304 Hrs

Trey's Goal
430 Hrs